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Data Strategy

Data-driven organizations know what data they have, what data they need, and what to do with it. Bespoke Data helps you develop a data strategy to ensure your organization has the best chance for success. We provide guidance on what data to collect, how to collect it, and how to build and manage data science teams for the long term.

Data Audits

Identify flaws and gaps in the data you currently have to make high quality data is there when you need it and find new opportunities to put your data to use.

Data Collection

Have a problem you are trying to solve, but unsure where to start? Bespoke Data will work with you to decide what data you need to collect and how.

Hiring and managing

Set up your organization to attract and retain top data science talent and get the most out of the data science team you already have.

Data Science

Bespoke Data puts world class data scientists to work for you. Whether it's building a performant model to run in a real time application or applying the latest machine learning algorithms to solve complex problems, Bespoke Data data scientists are ready to help. Our team has deep expertise in areas of predictive analytics, modeling, and optimization.

Marketing Analytics

Targeting, user segmentation, ROI analysis

Customer Analytics

Traffic analysis, acquisition and retention, recommendation

Time Series

Revenue forecasting, load balancing, event detection


Efficient routing, supply and demand matching, inventory forecasting

Location Analytics

Location choice, GIS and interactive mapping, hotspot analysis

Anomaly Detection

Fraud prevention, system monitoring, event spotting

Computer Vision

Image classification, image segmentation, image labeling

Natural Language Processing

Summarization, feature extraction, classification

Data Engineering

Having a good model isn't always enough. In order for data science to be effective, it has to be build into your business. Bespoke Data engineers assist you in choosing and using the latest big data technologies to your data to use. Our team has experience building data-driven features for applications with millions of daily users and managing analytics pipelines processing billions of events daily.

Big data tools

There are hundreds of big data technologies to choose from (Hadoop, Spark, etc.). Bespoke Data helps you pick the right technology for the problems you are trying to solve.

Accelerate development

Let us give you a head start building a data pipeline. Our team has years of experience building data pipelines for startups and large corporations alike.


Administrating big data technologies isn't the same as other software. Avoid downtime and speed development with the help of Bespoke Data's training.

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