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Bespoke Data was built by people that understand data and how to build a business. Jameson Toole (CEO) holds undergraduate degrees in physics, economics, and mathematics from the University of Michigan as well as a MS and PhD in Engineering Systems from MIT. He is a leading expert on using big data to understand human behavior and solve problems. He has authored multiple peer-reviewed papers, worked as a data scientists for companies like Google, and built data science teams for startups.

Dan Abdinoor (CTO) is a computer scientist and long time member of the Boston startup community. He was one of the first engineers at HubSpot (IPO in 2015) where he helped build the product and engineering team from just a handful of employees to hundreds. He has served as head of engineering for multiple startups, including his own, and serves as an advisor and mentor to numerous others. In addition to world class technical abilities, the Bespoke Data team brings a deep understanding of how data science can help build successful companies.


Jameson Toole


Jameson Toole is an expert in Data Science and Data Engineering and MIT PhD.

Dan Abdinoor


Dan Abdinoor is an expert software engineer, manager, and startup veteran.


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